We want you to look & feel your best on the day of your shoot, so here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:


-Bring at least 3 outfits to your session.

-Have lingerie that fits you properly & don't wait until the last minute if shopping for new items.

-Buy outfits that enhance your assets & hide your problem areas.

-Buy all of your outfits with good "boob support!"

-Bring shoes & jewelry to match your outfits.

-Bring a boyfriend/husband's shirt, tie, guitar, helmet, jacket, etc. Be creative!

-Wear matching or clear nail polish on fingers & toes. (Get a mani/pedi if you have time!)

-Moisturize your skin in the morning.

-Come with a clean face & clean hair.

-Color your hair, nails, wax & do your facial at least 3 days before your session.

-Tan to get rid of unsightly tan lines at least 2 weeks in advance if it's noticeable in your outfits.

-Try to avoid spray tans. It can leave dark spots in your pores & usually leaves streaks on hands & feet.

-Don't wear tight fitting clothes to your shoot, because it will leave marks that can take hours to disappear. (Example- tight bras, elastic waistbands, tight panties, skinny jeans, etc.)

-If you break out the night before, don't stress. You'll make it worse. Between us, and the makeup artists, we can hide almost anything!

-Drink plenty of water for at least 12 hours before your session, and try to avoid heavy meals the day of, to prevent unwanted bloating.

-Don't be shy to ask for specific poses, or implied nudes. We want you to be happy with your images.


If a few extra pounds are weighing heavily on your mind, consider these tips:


-Shoes can lengthen legs. Especially nude shoes with nude stockings or black shoes with black stockings. A thinner heel and sole will lead to a slimmer overall look. Avoid chunky heels and ankle straps.

-Necklaces trim neck size & chest. Long necklaces elongate your look, especially when paired with a v-neck top or bras. Avoid chokers & short necklaces.

-Earrings can elongate the face. Long teardrop-shaped earrings lengthen your face.

-Stockings, fishnets & pantyhose create lean legs. Dark colored pantyhose slim legs, especially when your outfit is the same color as the stockings.

-Under garments keep extra weight under wraps. A good support garment alone can be more slimming that all other items combined. Try Spanx & girdles. These days there are sexy girdles that you can actually be photographed in and look amazing!


And most importantly:


-RELAX! We've shot HUNDREDS of women. Don't be nervous or stressed (this is extremely important for great pictures) and be ready to have a blast!



Feel free to email with any questions you may have before your shoot. It's our job to help you feel prepared and ready to rock your session! :)


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