Hi everyone, my name is Tamalei. I got my first camera when I was 16, but I've {professionally} been doing photography for about 5 years, with the help of my mother-in-law, Christy. I also have the three most photographed children in the entire world. Not even kidding.

My husband, Trey, and I were high school sweethearts. He has been by my side through it all, even when I had no idea what I wanted to pursue as a career.  He's always been supportive of my dreams, and pushed me to be the best photographer, mom and person I could be. We've been together for 11 years, and married for 7 of those years.

We have three amazingly beautiful daughters...I'm serious, they're gorg! We have a 9 year old- Kailynn, and twin 6 year olds- Ashlynn & Raelynn. We, as most parents do, strive to give them the best possible life they can have, and be the greatest role models. My family is my world, and I believe that is why I have such a deep passion for capturing people as they evolve from one life stage to another.

I've always had a passion for people, love-stories, children and family. I love working with and meeting new people. Nothing is better than giving the gift of capturing those beautiful moments and stages in peoples' lives that they will never forget. I absolutely love what I am doing, and I would LOVE to meet and photograph ALL of you!